COSIDE® Features

COSIDE® offers a wide range of features to simulate and verify complete systems with SystemC AMS. At the same time, COSIDE® can be coupled with various standard design software.

Main Features of COSIDE®:

  • Combination of analog and mixed-signal HW & SW
  • Available for Windows as well as for Linux workstations
  • Simple and fast model export to numerous simulation tools (Matlab, Cadence, Synopsys, etc.)
  • Extremely fast simulation capabilities
  • Integrated version control
  • Automates the process of creating a virtual prototype
  • Automated code generation
  • Wide selection of predefined basic library elements
  • Support of an ISO 26262 conform design process
  • UVM and assertion based mixed-signal verification and regression test
  • IEEE 1666-2011 SystemC TLM support
Schematic Editor

COSIDE® includes an easy-to-use schematic design entry. It provides an efficient way to create hierarchic models based on schematic block diagrams. Using this graphical representation you can make sure that your documentation is always consistent with the executable model.

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Wave Form Viewer

COSIDE® provides an integrated analog and mixed-signal display and analysis feature. With the COSIDE® Wave Form Viewer you can display simulation results from either analog or digital simulators and with its scripting abilities it provides you with a near-complete control of your design.

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State Chart Editor

COSIDE® provides an UML based State Chart design entry. The COSIDE® State Chart Editor is an integrated modeling environment based on the concept of Statecharts. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool feature for graphical editing, which provides validation, simulation and code generation.

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TLM Modeling

COSIDE® is fully TLM 2.0 compliant. COSIDE® provides an additional TLM generic library. TLM is becoming the industry standard for creating interoperable transaction-level models as transaction-level modeling (TLM) continues to grow in importance.

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IP Protected Models

With COSIDE® the generation of IP-protected customer models simultaneous development of new products across organizational borders becomes reality.

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SystemC / SystemC AMS Model Export

COSIDE® can be coupled with various standard design software.

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SystemC AMS Libraries

COSIDE® offers a wide selection of predefined basic library elements.

  • Library with 1,000+ elements
  • Basic elements
  • Optimized line models
  • Fault injection
  • Noise models
  • Statistical simulation
  • Regression Test Concept
  • Architecture Select
  • Utility function
  • Signal bundles / Abstract signals / Reconnect signals from test bench
  • Tracing and Object access via pattern matching
  • Easily usable TLM Library with debug feature

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