BOSCH GTM SystemC Model Download

COSEDA Technologies provides the Bosch GTM SystemC Model as a free download under Apache 2.0 open source license.

GTM - Generic timer IP module (Scalable I/O coprocessor for automotive microcontrollers)

Application & Technical Summary

The Generic Timer IP module (GTM) ensures accurate multi-input data acquisition and multi-output signal generation in automotive powertrain and active safety applications, or in industrial closed-loop applications.

The GTM captures digital input signal changes in real-time. These are used together with digitized analog signals for computation. The powerful programmability due to its high-level language (C) allows to generate virtually any output signal shape with complex pulse width modulation (PWM). Multiple programming channels can act in parallel, while still ensuring synchronous signal generation.

Product benefits

  • Enables real-time control loops
  • Deterministic multi-threaded architecture (8 threads per RISC unit)
  • Programmability (special purpose RISC/ALU)
  • Scalable and configurable architecture
  • Easy integration due to generic interfaces and hierarchical architecture
  • SystemC model support for in-system verification and early software development
  • Supports model-based development
  • 5 ns input and output resolution for high-precision data capturing and data signal generation

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